The Land Of Enchantment

The Land Of Enchantment
Albuquerque Bio Garden (Japanese Garden)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Warrior Dance

Idriss is learning various warrior dances. The Hakka is a Maori warrior dance from New Zealand.  All males Maori or not know these dances and preform them before team sports, funerals, weddings, and before long journeys.

Check dude out in the very front with the green bandanna on. He is completely feeling it but whats even cooler is the guy behind him with the neck brace on.

Just Awesome.


brnaeem said...


Cool stuff sis! Kinda gives you goosebumps. Although it woulda been more entertaining to watch your little one doing it. :-)

Suburban said...

We are huge All Blacks fans here. The Hakka cracks me up.

WHat if all Rugby teams did a cute dance before games? Who needs Cheerleaders?

Amie said...

That's pretty much the most masculine thing I've seen in a while. I'm going to make my kung-fu-ing husband take a crack at that. .... *witchawww*

And yeah, totally with Suburban here - cheerleaders = lame!