The Land Of Enchantment

The Land Of Enchantment
Albuquerque Bio Garden (Japanese Garden)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jan 12th-15th

Food & Lodging for 4 Days, 3 Nights

$190.00 per Adult
$70.00 per child 7-14

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

R.I.P Rasul Hasan Madyun

Inna lillahi an inna ilahi raajioon

I new his wife very well. We grew in deen together, played paintball and shot hoops together when we were younger. When she 1st told me she thinks she found a brother to marry from out of town I was worried because we didn’t know him. However, she is very mature and always involved in the community and he was equally so. It was a perfect match and together they were the most active couple in the community under 30 in this area. He was very perfessional and always kind. He loved the deen and didn’t force it on people and never said bad mean things about people.

He was serious, but funny and playful at the same time. The last week on Ramadhan we were kindah hiding in the kitchen from our spouses eating various pies and cakes that neither of us had no buisness eating, talking trash about what we would do it we got cault, chating about the up coming ski trip MLK weekend and how much he needed a vacation.

He never ran around giving random fatwa’s and when I asked him to marry off my friend to a brother he made a phone call 1st and sought council from others right there on the spot because this sister had not known the brother for very long and he didn’t feel comfortable with giving his blessing.

I was hoping that his questions and concerns would cause this sister to slow down and wait a few more months to get to know this brother after talking to Imam Rasul. I’m proud to say that he was serious with the brother and asked him real questions unlike some other Imams do.
When Rasul said InshaAllah he didn’t say it just to say it. He literally meant it and didn’t understand how others could say it and not do what they said they would do. He was a visionary and a lot of people weren't ready for various reasons to support what he was trying to do. When I think about him, I honestly can never think of a single time I heard or seen him act in a suspect way.

This is really hard on my family because my husband has only been Muslim 4 years and Imam Rasul was one of the limited brothers he liked and looked forward to hanging with him during the ski trip this MLK weekend. I’m sorry my husbands 1st Janazah had to be Brother Rasul’s. He’s not taking it to well but I’m glad to see the Janazah was one that was very intimate considering such a large crowd and now he understands and respects the way we attend to our brothers and sisters whom pass away.

It was an honor to pray behind him.

May Allah SWT forgive Rasul for his sins, make his grave spacious, bright and comfortable. I bear witness he died in a state of Islam and that he died a Muslim and a lover of Muhammed PBUH. I beg Allah SWT to forgive us for any wrong towards him and elevate his station in the hereafter. Ya Allah keep his wife close to the deen and the community. Ya Allah SWT let us not faulter in our obligations toward her and her family. Please ease her burdens in this life and the next.