The Land Of Enchantment

The Land Of Enchantment
Albuquerque Bio Garden (Japanese Garden)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Housing Slump In NM

Like many areas we suffer from a over priced market, high inflation, high gas, and a super weak dollar. When I 1st moved here I could see homes being built as far as the eye could see. I still see lots of building but the new home construction has slowed dramatically as many people are finding it hard to sell there own homes to move into bigger ones.

Over the summer we went to visit the neighborhood across from where we brought our home to see what Longford Homes had to offer in comparison to Pulte Homes new development. You can see the Longford home a few post below. The house shown was listed for 483,000 with a very small back yard. However, it also had:

3588 sq ft

4 br

3.5 baths

3 car garage

Bonus room & Den

2 Fire Places

Balcony off the Master Bedroom

483, 575 is completely out of our territory so they waved us away like the peasants they assumed we were. 5 months later they can't sell any of these mega houses and were all to happy to lower the prices and sound more reasonable. This same house sold for 270k at auction this past Saturday.


Who is laughing now.

Now back home in DC no house will sell for less than 1 million with the same kind of stats; so I guess we shouldn't grumble to much about the original price tag.

But wait!... I'm in New Mexico... 483k for this ugly looking

Ok, it's not completely horrible. It's just that the entire neighborhood is this color. Where is the stone, or brick front, a little grass, and a decent back yard? They wouldn't even landscape the back yard. This is not a gated community and the houses are very close together. It's no wonder they had a hard time telling them.

For a complete listing of homes that homes that sold this past Saturday. You can go to and also check out the other auctions that could be happening right in your back yard.

Happy Hunting!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Really Understanding the Importance of the Constitution

It's rare to see a show, any show on the air these days where people aren't at each other throats. Bill Moyers show is a breath of fresh air. I wish we would go back to shows like this where people sit down and talk rational about things even if they represent different political spectrums.

If you don't understand why impeachment is so important to keeping order and insuring we keep people with dreams of being a dictator out of office; then this will certainly explain things for you.

TOUGH TALK ON IMPEACHMENT BILL MOYERS JOURNAL explores the talk of impeachment with Constitutional scholar Bruce Fein, who wrote the first article of impeachment against President Bill Clinton, and THE NATION's John Nichols, author of THE GENIUS OF IMPEACHMENT

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Most people have difficulty spelling this word. I admit I had some issues with it at first. Now, I look at people as if their retarded for not knowing how to spell Albuquerque. LOL

Today it was 101 degrees, thank goodness this state is void of humidity or I'm sure we would all melt like ice cream. It's cooler at night so we don't have to keep on the AC. I can honestly say we're having a nice time. Idriss will have is 1st swimming debut tomorrow. Afterward, we plan on riding the tram up to the top of the mountains and hiking for a few hours and taking pictures. I tried to tell Mr. Man that we need one of those backpacks you put a child in but he refuses to carry Idriss that way. So it should be interesting to see how this works out tomorrow. I've been to the top of the mountain before and the trails aren't smooth and easy going. You are HIKING for REAL!

Mr. Man thinks I'm always trying to walk him like a dog so this trip should be funny. The look on his face when those tram doors close will be enough entertainment for weeks. I'm sure Idriss will love it just like he loved the plane ride.

Yesterday we went to check our home building progress and decided to drive around the neighborhood to see what other home builders were offering in relation to our community. On the west side of our development Longford Homes is building 4100sq ft homes starting at 280k. Now I know we could never get anything back home at the size for this price, even if we went out all the out Eastern Shore.

Here are some pictures but I didn't like the outside because it just lacks curb appeal to me. Tell me what you think. Oh, and you can see the rest of the pictures at my Flickr page.

Monday, May 07, 2007


I don't know what it means but ever since I saw a rabbit in Rio Rancho, it seems I can't stop seeing them.

I've been in DC for 4 weeks now and rabbits are everywhere I look.

Does this have some sort of profound meaning in my life?


Am I just lunching out my mind?>

Thursday, January 18, 2007

We're BACK!


I had a wonderful time with all of you. Some of you took he hilss for the 1st time without fear. Alhamdulliah, man you guys rock! It's making it harder for me to leave DC. I might have to make some trips back home to hang with some old and new road dogs (lets not get sensitive here :-p). Anyway, the pictures on on the right had side in the side bar. Please send me all the pictures when you can so that I can make a proper photo album.

Jamila and Hamza want to take a day trip up to Hagerstown or even Wisp again. It's just our luck that they are getting the chill and snow they need to open up most of the trails. If will cost about 60.00 if you don't have your own equipment.

holla back.