The Land Of Enchantment

The Land Of Enchantment
Albuquerque Bio Garden (Japanese Garden)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Oils mod 1

What Does Mommy Do?

Recently someone asked my kids what I do for a living.  My daughter said that "I help poor people."  So I made up a game that took them through a life time of work.  After the game we decided to put together a skit to reinforced what they learned.

Staring:  Drissy Cup

& SaySay 

Our Scene unfolds at the plaza where we have a..

Investment Office

SaySay's Pizza Hub

Anna the Investment Advisors

Part 1

Part 2

I choose a familiar topic but my approach to teaching the concept was foreign.  I designed a way to teach my children what I do by using marbles for money, action figures for the cast, and a map that My son had to move his pieces through "life" and make decisions until retirement.  Then we made a skit to reinforce what they learned.  It was challenging to figure out what key parts should be conveyed in order to get the main points across.   I also decided to go with Microsoft Movie Maker and FMA which took me a while to figure out the format.

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