The Land Of Enchantment

The Land Of Enchantment
Albuquerque Bio Garden (Japanese Garden)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Dancing Machine

Idriss has to break it down when ever he hears music. It doesn't matter what channel is on the screen; if the music is on; then he's just has to dance.


Armid is to busy dancing with him to hold the camera still. Please forgive him, for he knows not what he do. There is a M. Jackson moment in the 2nd video. NO, we didn't teach him that!!!



Hijabi Apprentice said...

LOL! Your baby was breaking it DOWN! Masha Allah cute.

Yasmine said...

lol, well he sure can break it down for us. lol. He looks so tiny and little aaahhhh. So cute. I need to get some lessons from him.

PM said...

OHMIGOD! I am soooo wanting more grandbabies! I'm in LOVE with Idriss!

PM said...

I am in a great mood and had to come back to see Dancing idriss. LOL!

TheAngryMuslimah said...

how did I miss this video.......lil micheal is to :)